Featured Products

  • Chemical Free

    Our products are free from artificial colours, preservatives and chemicals harmful to health.

  • Gluten Free

    Our gluten-free products are not just a claim; they meet and often exceed global standards for gluten-free certification. So, no matter where you are, our commitment remains the same.

  • Tree-nut Free

    Our products are free from allergens like tree nuts and peanuts.

  • Halal

    Our products are suitable for vegetarians and Halal-certified.

Our Capsules & Powders

The state of our gut affects our whole body. It affects digestion, nutrient absorption, energy levels, hormone balance, skin health, mood, weight, and significantly our immunity. Balanced nutrition, especially in terms of adequate vitamin, mineral and protein intake, enhances the resistance against infections.
That’s why our proprietary formula has been designed to give the human body as many safe and natural components, to maintain a healthy immune system, focusing on good gut health.

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Our Sprays

BioFresh removes malodors while disinfecting surfaces. The fabric-safe hypoallergenic spray is highly effective in reducing bacterial, fungal and viral infections while removing a range of malodors, VOCs, such as smoke, pet and organic smells. BioFresh is effective in minutes, with just one application, it protects you for days afterwards.

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