Anywhere and Everywhere Smart and Easy Application

Transform any space with our simple yet effective solution. Enhance conventional cleaning techniques and create a home, all workplace free from harmful toxins, bacteria, and viruses using our comprehensive delivery system and BioFresh proprietary products.

The Victory electrostatic gun system delivers a 100% coverage in all spaces ensuring that every Germ is destroyed in 1 go when employed using the BioFresh products. 

  • Competition

    The combination of BioFresh with the Electrostatic gun has no equal in delivering the quickest and safest level of protection in every environment possible.

  • Enhanced Coverage

    The partnership between BioFresh and the Victory Electrostatic Gun significantly amplifies our product's coverage, ensuring a more thorough and even distribution of our infection control solution. This enhanced coverage translates to more effective protection against harmful pathogens across a wider range of surfaces and environments.

  • Improved Efficiency

    The integration of BioFresh with the Victory Electrostatic Gun results in a notable improvement in efficiency. This dynamic combination streamlines the application process, maximizing the effectiveness of our infection control solution while minimizing resource usage, ultimately saving time and effort. 

  • Superior Disinfection

    The collaboration between BioFresh and the Victory Electrostatic Gun leads to superior disinfection outcomes. By harnessing the advanced technology of the electrostatic gun to disperse BioFresh, we achieve a higher level of pathogen eradication and a more thorough, lasting protection against bacteria and viruses in various environments. 

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