World Leader in Synbiotic and Enzyme Formulation

GenBiotic and BioFresh products are part of the Swiss Bio research group of companies.

GenBiotic has an established pedigree of over 15 years in the market, focusing on synbiotics and enzyme-based products aimed at improving gut health, which in turn supports the immune system. The company offers clinically proven products designed to support health and wellbeing through every stage of life. They are recognized as a world leader in synbiotic and enzyme therapy protocols and have developed a broad customer and clinician network globally​.

BioFresh is another brand within the Swiss Bio Group company, who have developed a proprietary range of products to Improve Air Quality, destroying a wide range of microbes, pathogens, pollutants which affect everyday life.

In summary, Swiss Bio Group's GenBiotic and BioFresh product ranges are exemplary for their commitment to health and wellbeing through innovative products supported by rigorous research and compliance with industry standards.

Every aspect of your health matters

We truly believe that no matter our lifestyle, there are always ways to put our health first.At Gen-Biotic we do all we can to help anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle, by providing professional advice, ongoing support and quality proprietary products.

  • Scientific

    Swiss Bio Group's research and development teams are comprised of world-class scientists, researchers, and experts in biotechnology, genetics, and life sciences, which ensures the continuous delivery of groundbreaking discoveries to improve overall well-being.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Swiss Bio Group’s products and brands are synonymous with innovation. We transform groundbreaking ideas into tangible solutions that revolutionize healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Our portfolio of cutting-edge products and services reflects our relentless pursuit of progress.

  • Global Impact

    Swiss Bio Group's influence reaches far and wide. Our commitment to global collaboration and partnerships extends our reach, amplifying the positive impact of our research and development projects on a worldwide scale.

  • Sustainability

    Our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility is ingrained in our DNA. Swiss Bio Group continually explores environmentally friendly and ecologically sound approaches to ensure the long-term health of our planet.

  • Ethical Values

    At the heart of our endeavors lies a profound respect for ethical and moral principles. Swiss Bio Group's research adheres to the highest ethical standards, fostering trust among our stakeholders and the broader community. The group is dedicated to supporting a range of cancer charities to support future research into prevention and after-care support.

  • Human Well-Being

    Swiss Bio Group's mission revolves around enhancing human well-being. Our continuous development in natural healthcare, Nutraceuticals plus genetics have far-reaching effects, contributing to the overall improvement of the human condition. Now after years of R&D have extended into the area of Biosecurity helping to improve the environment we live in, Improving Air Quality plus Quality of Life.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance ensures that our products and services consistently meet the highest industry standards, providing customers with exceptional reliability and satisfaction.