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Gen Biotic

Gut Health Plan

Gut Health Plan

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Gut Health Plan consists of:
Synbiotic 30’s/60’s/90’s
ImmunoZyme 30’s/60’s/90’s
Ultra Digest 30’s/60’s/90’s

A Healthy Gut is foundational to overall health. Regular use of GenBiotic products as part of a Gut Health Plan may contribute to general well-being and vitality. Incorporate GenBiotic Synbiotic to achieve a harmonised gut environment, and boost its potency by pairing it with Immunozyme enzymes. This combination ensures a fortified and efficient digestive health journey.

Ingredients, Dosage:

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1. Balanced Gut Flora: Genbiotic introduces and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, leading to a more balanced gut microbiome.
2. Enhanced Digestion: With improved gut health, there's better digestion of foods, leading to fewer digestive complaints like bloating or indigestion.
3. Boosted Immunity: A healthy gut plays a significant role in immune function generating 70% of your immune defences. By supporting gut health, Genbiotic can contribute to a more robust immune response.
4. Nutrient Absorption: A healthier gut can improve the absorption of essential nutrients from the foods you consume.
5. Mood Regulation: Gut health is closely linked with mental well-being. Using Genbiotic may help in regulating mood and even managing symptoms of anxiety or depression.
6. Reduced Inflammation: A balanced Gut Microbiome can help in reducing systemic inflammation, which is linked to various chronic diseases.
7. Optimised Gut-Brain Axis Connection: The gut and brain are closely linked. By maintaining gut health with Genbiotic, one may also support cognitive functions and mental clarity.

Remember, while Genbiotic can offer multiple benefits, it's essential to combine its use with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and other healthy habits for optimal results. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen.



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