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AirFresh 300 ml with Warm Cotton Fragrance

AirFresh 300 ml with Warm Cotton Fragrance

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AirFresh™ Automotive Air Con Sanitizer 

If you notice bad odours coming from your air vents when you turn on your car air con, then your car may benefit from an A/C cleaning service, also known as decontamination cleaning.

Over time the humidity and moisture in your car's Air Conditioning system can cause a build-up of bacteria, mold, and fungi, particularly if it is left unused for periods of time.

This build-up can be bad for your health, particularly if you suffer from allergies, as the bacterial spores are blown into the cabin of the vehicle and inhaled by passengers.

Not only can this cause sickness, but also an unpleasant air smell throughout the cabin area may be produced. This can be generated from the air vents when you turn your air conditioning on, deep embedded odors in the fabrics, carpets etc, making for an unpleasant driving experience.

AirFreshâ„¢ offers an effective simple-to-operate A/C cleaning service, or decontamination process, to cleanse the whole system and kill the bacteria and odors within.

AirFreshâ„¢ will deodorise upholstery, and carpets from those common odors such as cigarettes, food, and environmental leaving the car fresh and healthy to drive in.

The process involves spraying the cabin of the car, footwell, seats, and around all air vents with AirFreshâ„¢ which is then sucked into the air vents once the Air Conditioning system is activated, with the fan on full power, doors and windows all closed (see Directions for Use).

AirFreshâ„¢ unique formula then immediately starts to kill off all the unwanted bacteria, viruses, and odors within the car, plus the Air Conditioning system, leaving you with a long lasting fresh air con smell, plus a clean, bacteria-free, environment throughout.


Features of our BioFresh protective solution:
Potent Antimicrobial Properties: Effectively combats a wide range of microbes.
Anti-Viral: Specifically designed to destroy a wide range of viruses.
Anti-Pollutant: Captures airborne pollutants and contaminants.
Odour Neutralizer: Efficiently reduces and eliminates odours, including cigarette smoke, all pet odours, and various organic scents.
Hypoallergenic: Clinically evaluated by a skin patch test to be safe and effective to the skin.
Anti-Allergen: Targets and captures a range of airborne allergens.
Versatile Application: Suitable for apparel, home textiles, and accessories, including face masks, enhancing their resistance against harmful microbes.
Experience a cleaner, safer environment with our Intelligent 6-in-1 BioFresh protective solution.


Aqua-Medical grade water
Silver Chloride-Micro Particle
Ascorbic Acid
Warm Cotton Fragrance

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